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Bathroom remodels or additions are projects that can significantly improve the look, feel, and functionality of your home. While some bathroom design elements can be expensive there are several options to choose from that will still inspire you to put a bathroom renovation high on your list.

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Tiling, Vanities, Bathtubs, and Complete Bathroom Remodels



What you should budget:
$5,000 – $30,000+ | 1 – 4 Weeks

Bathroom tiling is a great way to make a statement or to update your bathroom floor, wall, or shower. The most used styles of tile are 12×24, 24×24, subway tile, or patterned tile sheets. The most used tile materials are porcelain, ceramic, glass, natural stone, or any combination of these. Regardless of where you are looking to incorporate tile into your bathroom, we can help you find what style and material will work best in your specific application.

  • Longevity and strength
  • Add Design
  • Increase Property Value
  • Increase Functionality


Wausau Wisconsin Cabinate Installation

What you should budget:
$3,000 – $25,000+| 1 – 2 weeks

Installing a new bathroom vanity is a quick way to change the overall mood of your space. Vanities come in a variety of shapes and sizes including single vanities, double vanities, floating vanities, and additional cabinets standing next to the vanity or standing on the countertop. If your vanity is currently in good condition, it is also common to update the countertop, sinks, and faucets. With all the vanity possibilities to choose from we will help you figure out what works best in your situation.

  • Add Color
  • Increase or Decrease Bathroom Storage
  • Optimize Functionality
  • Add Uniqueness


Wausau Wisconsin Cabinate Installation

What you should budget:
$3,000 – $25,000+ | 1 – 2 weeks

A bathtub is one of the most distinctive features in a bathroom. Updating with a new style of tub, adding in a tub, or removing a tub can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. In recent years it has become increasingly popular to incorporate freestanding tubs into a bathroom design. The reason for this is that a freestanding tub provides your bathroom with a visual centerpiece as it is independent from all of the surrounding walls and fixtures. This gives you complete freedom to choose the location, shape, and size of your tub.

  • Increase or decrease storage
  • Add flair and design
  • Increase functionality
  • Modify Existing elements

Complete Bathroom Remodels

Complete Kitchen Remodeling in Wausau Wisconins

What you should budget:
$10,000 – $65,000+ | 2 – 6 weeks

A complete bathroom remodel or the addition of a new bathroom can have a lasting impression on your home. A complete bathroom remodel combines different services such as the ones listed above as well as other flooring options, removing or adding walls, removing or adding a shower, changing plumbing fixtures, removing or adding a closet, incorporating shower glass, and adding in floor heat. The most common form of a complete bathroom remodel includes new flooring, updating to a tiled shower, new vanity, new countertops, as well as new plumbing fixtures. With all the possibilities for a complete bathroom remodel we will be able to help you find a perfect fit for your home and your budget.

  • Increase Functionality
  • Incorporate Design
  • Add Longevity
  • Add Property Value

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