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Your home’s exterior provides not only a first impression, but it also protects your home and belongings from the elements. In addition, the exterior of the house is where a lot of time is spent whether it’s sitting on a deck or patio, grilling, or hosting an event.

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Concrete, Decks, Garages, and Complete Exterior Remodels


wausau wisconsin counter top installation

What you should budget:
$10,000 – $50,000+ | 1 – 3 weeks

Concrete is a commonly used material around your home. Whether you’re looking to add a backyard patio, driveway apron, walking path, slab for a shed, or to redo a garage floor. A stable sturdy concrete slab is essential in all applications to maintain the longevity and maximize the functionality of your concrete. Regardless of your needs and budget we can help you determine the thickness, excavation, base, and use of rebar to best fit your situation.

  • Increase outdoor functionality
  • Add longevity
  • Increase property Value
  • Add Storage Space


wausau wisconsin counter top installation

What you should budget:
$15,000 – $50,000+ | 2 – 5 weeks

Building a deck is an easy way to add a functional outdoor living space. The most common materials used for decking are treated lumber, cedar, or composite materials. When it comes to railings either treated lumber, cedar, composite, or aluminum can be used. It is also becoming increasingly popular to have a screened in portion as well as having a roof system incorporated into a deck. With all the options available for decks we will be able to help you determine what works best for your outdoor space.

  • Add Property Value
  • Increase Outdoor functionality
  • Increase Curb Appeal
  • Add Entertaining Space


Wausau Wisconsin Cabinate Installation

 What you should budget:
$25,000 – $60,000+ | 2 – 6 weeks

Adding more garage space is becoming more and more popular. This is because a garage can be used for storage, vehicles, workshops, or to incorporate extra living space. Garages can be built directly onto your home, onto your existing garage, or on its own as a detached garage. With all of the different uses and styles available we can help you find the best option for your specific situation.

  • Add Living Space
  • Increase Storage
  • Improve Property Value
  • Optimize Flow and Functionality

Complete Exterior Remodels

Complete Kitchen Remodeling in Wausau Wisconins

What you should budget:
$25,000 – $60,000+ | 3 – 6 weeks

A complete exterior remodel can have a lasting impression on the curb appeal of your home. A complete exterior remodel combines different services such as the ones listed above as well as replacing siding, windows, exterior doors, garage doors, or roofing. The most common form of a complete exterior remodel is new siding (vinyl or SmartSide), new windows, new exterior doors, and a new roof. With all of the possible options for an exterior remodel we will be able to help you find a perfect fit for your home and your budget.

  • Curb Appeal
  • Increased Property Value
  • Added Durability
  • Improved Energy Efficiency

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